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"You and me in sweet Pari, how does that sound?"
Still holding on to some hope guys ^_^


A gentleman’s thoughts:

“Do you want…to finally…meet…her?” Camila asked, tugging on Lauren’s hand gently.

“Who?” Lauren asked her puzzled.

“Camila,” she replied and Lauren felt her heart skip in her chest and her stomach flutter excitedly at the way her girlfriend had said her own name with pride, like she was going to share someone special and cherished with her, someone she treasured and valued immensely.

“She’s here?” Lauren questioned, fighting with difficulty to prevent the tears that were threatening the corners of her eyes, a sudden sense of overwhelming happiness flooding her at Camila’s intimation.

“She’s here.” Camila agreed and Lauren released what could only be described as both a sob and a laugh in response to the admission.

“Really?” she asked; her voice thick with emotion.

“Yeah,” Camila confirmed.

“I think…she’s been here for…a while…now. I just hadn’t…realised…”

‘I’m lost Lauren…I’ve gone…Camila…she’s gone…she’s fucking gone and I hate myself now…I hate this person…she’s not me…she’s not.’

“She’s not lost any more?” Lauren queried, remembering Camila’s words from the video that she’d sent her from rehabilitation and needing to hear her girlfriend say the words explicitly. “She’s not gone?”

“No…” Camila said sighing, the admission a surprise to herself as well as Lauren. “I’ve found her again.”

“You did?” Lauren asked, her tears running freely down her flushed cheeks now.

“Yes, I did.”

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I can relate to this


ok is anyone still alive after hearing “we know”

I’m tumblring from my grave


Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting (The Foodie Corner)